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We marvel at the creatures who call the ocean home. We feel a thrill when we hear the prop engine of a plane or the hum of a dive boat early in the morning. We have the urge to find and share the beauty in all things undiscovered, timeless, and rare—and humid

You & I have a lot
in common.

Photo Credit: Sally Sells

And these are all things which led me to become an underwater photographer and coastal artist. I wanted art to hang on my walls and to share my experience with those who don’t dive, so over a decade ago, I borrowed my dad’s underwater camera and the rest is history.

I’m an Alabama native and the daughter of two divers—so I had my fins on at a very young age. I’ve been snorkeling since I could swim and a diver for over half of my life, teaching for many of those years. I grew up surrounded by photographs taken by my dad—portraits of fish, my mom silhouetted against sunbursts. So it was no accident when I pursued a diving career alongside—and sometimes instead of —my studies while in college. I earned my Open Water Instructor and several Specialty Instructor certifications all while earning a degree from Auburn University—picking up a camera at some point along the way.

For the past decade I have had the privilege of teaching and guiding my students through the water, allowing them to explore the wonders of the ocean, while toting my camera along, giving them evidence that they were there. My photography hobby quickly turned into a passion and creative outlet. Shooting underwater became a reason to dive in itself, and I have focused much of my attention and travels into mastering this unique skill.

I'm Rachel

But when diving recently took a back seat to motherhood, the pause allowed me to focus on some new artwork—and has given me the opportunity to create custom work surrounding some of my other favorite things: dogs, architecture, and food.

This is where the two stories merge. 

My photography has given me new purpose and star subjects. And while I’ve painted and drawn in similar styles and of similar subjects over the years, these new works of art are inspired by the time I've taken away. Remembering and cherishing the reef scenes, the creatures I have met, and for a brief moment, had a relationship with. I remember the location, the dive, the feeling of taking that picture. It is why each photograph or painting I create is special. From a turtle in Mexico, to a dog from Missouri, or a front porch in Auburn, all of my inspiration comes from life, and the little moments that make up all of ours.

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As a professional SCUBA diver for over a decade, Rachel gained her early experience in photography as an underwater photographer. The SCUBA world is where she honed her craft for teaching people to appreciate the ocean as a diver. 

RCP has since expanded its work into other topside interests of nature, life, food, and culture on the water and around in the Southeastern US.

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Rachel George Cleveland


Auburn, Alabama

Underwater & Topside Photographer & Artist